Thursday, January 4, 2018


I have received with great grieve a news of the Church building of ZAKAYE been demolished to the dust , the Church which was pastored by Pastor Charles Madama for more than fifteen years now.

As I was carefully and sadly listening to Pastor Jeremiah Kobelo who is the pioneer of the Church in Zanzibar telling with much disappointment how the incident happened, that Pastor Madama was answering a special call from the Regional Commissioner for Southern region in the ,as he was there at the office to attend some of questioning he was to cooperate , he had no idea that at the same time the Buildozer was sent to demolish his Church building at leave empty site with benches and chairs the properties of the Church , and therefore left the Pastor and his congregation with unanswered questions such a big dilemma not knowing where they will be worshiping from 2nd January,2018 on.

As I was trying to ask Pastor Jeremiah Kobelo how could this happened and he told me that the area was belong to the government ,and the government offered it for the establishment of the State University Of Zanzibar , but because it is very normal and common things for many people of Tanzania including higher Institutions like University and Colleges to have the majority of people who believe in God base in their beliefs , it is very usually to see the students find a place of worship and therefore there was sited a Mosque near the University aimed to help the believers from muslim side to secure peacefully their rights to worship, but at the time the University was established and even the mosque being built , both found Pastor Madama is leading his Church there since 1998 whereby the rest came in place in 2002.
He was captured by unexplainable anguish and disappointment when he return from the office he was obedient answered he call and found that he was tricked to suffer this big loss , no more Church to worship , no any statement of hope to get a new place , no where he can take the more than 95 Church members who was attending their spiritual nourishment weekly .

However it is unbelievable to see the Church which has been there for such a long time has to be demolished but other to continue , it is unbelievable why there was no any wisdom to see that students who attend the University but of Church faith can also enjoy their worshiping place like other students do , or why didn`t Pastor Charles Madama been allocate to other site and given him and his Church a good time they can go to build their Church and move from there peacefully instead of just demolishing it without notice and leave them just idle and very desparate ??

You might been reading this as just a testimony but you have a free and nice place of worship you will continue to attend as you use to , but please as the a true organ in the Body of Christ you are kindly asked pray for Pastor Charles Madama and the believers whose life of worship had to face this unexpected challenge and leave them in a big dilemma of where the will be meeting from this time , how the young believers who were attending their spiritual care will be ???

Think twice , and take step of love and courage to help this Church to not scattered and be no more because that will mark a winning point to the devil . God bless you .

Friday, October 7, 2016

You Made The Church Very Inspired And Blessed

What happen when our children begin to respond positively by joining us to praise and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the meaningful devotion of lifting His name higher above everything ??
They sing this to God :-

"Hallelujah,x3 we sing to the Lord , we give you praise x4 hallelujah we sing to the Lord" While in the second song they sing this " Among all gods of the universe , there is no God like You " . How blessing this service was !!

Friday, March 11, 2016


Women are winning again and the Church is making another step forward because the women have decided to arise and take their positions to make sure the Church is winning and reaching the goals of which God has instituted for.

It was like a dream when the women society in our Church was discussing the challenges they face as women at large , where some are mothers , wives , single parents and others are widows and some are just single women and girls . Their meeting went even further to the point of finding ideas of how together they can unite their power to eradicate poverty among every reborn women in the Church, which means to empower one another as the organs in the Body of Christ , believing that It is very true God is willing to do something for the Church once He sees we are serious and very committed to take a move forward.

In other way this came as another surprise to men`s side in the Church seeing Women are winning again the same way it happened when Jesus was crucified and buried , whereby many great and most respected disciples of Jesus were captured into dilemma not remembering what to do next , nor remembering what Jesus told them before , and therefore the women challenged the disciples of the fact and truth updates of the resurrection of Jesus ,and again it was the women who met Jesus first before any others once Jesus was risen from the dead , it was the women who brought a news of hope and power to the Church that JESUS is alive again before Jesus appearing to them all in Galilee , yes Peter and other disciples ran after but no after without before , the record is coming up again in the Church that WOMEN ARE LEADING AGAIN.

GOOD NEWS ; For the first time , the Women society in the Church has founded a Micro-finance institution and named it "SHALOM WOMEN GROUP" , whereby its members are subjected to save money in into SHALOM every week , and after a period of time each member will be eligible to apply for a LOAN from the SHALOM MICRO FINANCE for their entrepreneurship projects they would like to do .

Another surprise! Two weeks ago there came one lady who wanted to give her life to Jesus so that she can be part of the born-again Christian Women and also join the SHALOM GROUP, the incidence came as the results what she heard from one of the Shalom group member of what these reborn women in the Church are doing to bring an impact to life and families .

When they started this idea we thought it was for helping them in economical point of view toward their ministry responsibilities as reborn Women , but never expected that God would use SHALOM MICROFINACE as also a winning vessel of the sinners to Jesus Christ , halelujah!!

Dear viewer, we would like to encourage to keep these Women of Christ in your fervent prayers and if you may feel to support them in any way possible feel free to reach us and let us join them in big support for the glory of God .To God be all the glory honor and praise.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


The Almghty God the Father of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ is at work and that is our only courage which keeps us feel that we are not alone despite of many challenges we have been facing including , Stoning against our Church building ,local-made booms attacks thrown toward our Church hall during our Church services , asoning against our daughter Churches from and the current low scale resources in which the Church could use to accomplish more than we have done before., remember Jesus called the Church as His House of Prayers, we keep standing firm in Him for He is always faithful.

We as the Church feel it is the time now to move to a good enough place for the Church , this requires a spacious plot which can accumulate the Church building and other depart compounds the Church need to represent the Kingdom of God base on the specific assignment that Jesus Christ has commended us to accomplish for His amazing glory. This project requires funds , expertise and prophetic guidance from God of how and what God wants this Church to be constructed ,for there is God divine purpose in anything He wants to do.But please remember when we are talking about the Church we are not talking about our own or human business at all , but God`s business.

You can do something for the Church if you are graciously knowledgeable to discerning that anything good you do for Her /Church you do neither for the denomination , neither the people assemble here, but instead you are doing for the Owner of the Church who is no one else but JESUS CHRIST the LORD, as you can see here below what He said.

Matthew 21:13 13And He said to them, "It is written, 'MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER'; but you are making it a ROBBERS' DEN." 14And the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them.…"

Therefore , let we ask you please to join us prayerfully seeking the Lord that He may send us a means of resources we can start and accomplish this project , because where we are currently worshiping is no longer conducive , enough and accessible for many people who look for a place to worship and praise the Lord with a freedom and peace.

We have declared today that the whole Church shall enter a journey of fasting and praying that He , God may send us a possibility to possess and build the Church for His amazing glory and honor.And we are going to start opening a special fund for this project whereby every Christian members and leaders shall be donating every Sunday not matter how low wages many members are either paid or earning from the works of their hands.You can send your support to our Bank account as shown in this blog at Donation page, your can also write to us to let us know who you have support the work and we get your name for our Church prayers.

May God the LORD bless you for taking this urgent and core need of the Church seriously , may He bless you with His DIVINE SHALOM, may you lack no success in anything good and righteous you put your hands to do, in Christ Jesus, AMEN.

We humbly thank you for being a reason for the HOUSE OF THE LORD TO BE ESTABLISHED IN ZANZIBAR.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Thanks and glory be to the Lord for continuing to raise the mighty community of men and women with a zeal to devote their time , supports and other resources to make sure the Kingdom of God is built and spread in the Country , City , Province , District , village and house to house , family to family , person to person .Though it has never been so easy but it`s only through Christ who strengthens us everything is made possible, Philipians 5:13

Our special thanks for all those who have been keeping the work of God in Zanzibar in their prayer lists , and despite of silence and openly oppositions against the spread of the gospel in which in many times have been done in the motive of persecution , and disappointment and discrimination but your continually unquenchable prayers have been so helpful to push away the fear and discouragement and there comes the Spirit of power and boldness to empowering the Saints to press and move on serving the LORD.

This is to encourage you that never ever stop praying for the Saints , and keep mobilizing others to intercede for the men and women of God who carrying the divine mission of the Gospel to Zanzibar , we believe even those who have been opposing this divine ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ they do so because of the blindness that the devil have placed between their eyes to take it differently and opposite and for that sake we chose to love and pray for them as we keep telling them the Truth about Jesus and and His amazing divinely mission to the world.

May the LORD God bless you as you continue to stand in your position the LORD placed you into in order for His amazing plan to be fulfilled in the shininess of His glory.Be blessed our dear brothers and sisters for your support and love in Christ Jesus the LORD..Amen

Thursday, February 27, 2014


BBC is one among the most respected Media in the world and has made its very nice reputable records in its functionality world wide.

We do respect and love the BBC but we must be very fair to correct them whenever they do a mistake.Here is one example, the BBC SWAHILI didn`t treat the Church fair following the terrible incidences took place in Zanzibar last and this week.Two Churches apart from Mercury restaurant were boomed by unknown men last Sunday 23rd/02/2014 this was Evangelistic Assemblies Of God Zanzibar Church in Pangawe Zone in Founi, and the Anglican Church which is at Mkunazini street in Zanzibar town in 24th/02/2014.

But we are very shocked and very disappointed to see the big media like BBC could only ended up mentioning the places ( Pangawe and Mkunazini) without caring mentioning the victims institutions which are (Evangelistic Assemblies Of God Zanzibar at Pangawe zone(Shehia) and The Anglican Church at Mkunazini)in such terrible incidence like this? see what they did )

I think it could be wise to mention the victims following the series of such attacks have been targeted Christian institutions especially in 2012 whereby a big loss of properties even life took place and no any compensation was made at least to help the victims to restore what was damaged by, and just now you could see that bad atmosphere is starting taking into stage while they past wounds are still there!!

We are calling for the BBC and other local media which reported the incidences to be fair and work according to their mass media ethic which recognize fairness in balancing issues , because the listeners and the viewers have the right to know the true and clear content of their news , you can`t just mentioning a place and leave a victim covered while he or she is known , you can`t write a story from a single source while another can be available to help the story be in good and fair balance to give the media a very professional prepared clear content.

May God forgive you for this and help you next time to work in fairness and good balance in what you are to present to the media

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Romans 8:38-39
"38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."(KJV

It was around 1:17pm last Sunday 23rd, 2014, when unknown man came outside our Church wall and threw a local made Boom in what is believed to be a terror plot which was aimed to hurt and kill the Church members including children and leaders whom at that time were praying to end the service

We heard a very strong boom blast which caused a big confusion and frustration among us , but by the grace of God the leaders where calmed and strong to help the members to remain calmly in the Church while a youth team was given an instruction to go out and check the situation and bring back the feedback if the whole compound was safe and in case the enemy was around to cause more harm

Thank God ! There was nobody outside found, something which showed he threw it and ran away .Then saw some Boom materials which were used to make it and managed to keep them there they were until the Police arrived with a team of Boom squad experts who arrived 10 minutes after we called them

We give the glory to God for no one was hurt or killed so God kept us safe from the evil satanic plot which targeted our lives.But we praise the Lord because a place where the Boom landed is where our Sunday School children always stay while adults are in main service,but by the grace of God our children were all inside the Church unexpectedly to join the parents in service at the time the Boom landed there,so you can imagine how terrible the situation could be if they could be there while the Boom landing and strike the wall.

As the Church we are sending a very clear massage to all those who choose such wrong path of Satan that the "WE WILL NEVER QUIT THE GOSPEL AND JESUS CHRIST,NOR LOSE HEART TRUSTING IN HIM EVEN PREACH BY HIS NAME.

We forgive and bless them for what they did against us, and we ask the LORD to save and change their lives for Christ sake,and His amazing love and glory in Christ Jesus ..Amen.

The Long Way The Church Was And Is to Go

Zanzibar Island is the informal designation for the Islands of Unguja and Pemba situated in the Indian Ocean.

However during the Age of Exploration ,in 1498 the Portuguese Empire was the first European power to gain control of Zanzibar, and kept it for nearly 200 years until in 1698 Zanzibar fell under the control of the Sultanate of Oman and obviously ( build the Mosque of Allah is believed by the Islam so ever influenced the mode of belief of the entire generations of the Zanzibaris until today ).

Muslim traders from the Persian Gulf had settled through southern hemisphere of Unguja early in the 10th century after monsoon winds propelled them through the Gulf of Aden and Somalia. Zanzibar archipelago united with Tanganyika to form the present day Tanzania in 1964.

The rise of the minority Christian community relies on different means of their introductory causes ,as Christianity has diverse rich forms of denominations therefore there were some denominations which were being introduced in Zanzibar through historical factors like Colonialism period whereby the Colonial empires which were established in the forms of the national denominations were easily made their side by spreading their belief such of these are Anglican Christians through British Empire and Roman Catholic through Portuguese, Lutheran through German Empires .

How ever in 1974 there were other Christian Churches were introduced in Zanzibar after Independence of Zanzibar then the United Republic of Tanzania such these Churches were the Lutheran Christians and Evangelical Christians (Pentecostal) etc.

Praise God, as from the Church Rev.Leonard Masasa was pastoring were rose men who decided to go out and established new churches of different denominations such as Elim Pentecost, Tanzania Assemblies of God, Zanzibar Pentecostal Church, Free Pentecostal, and many other churches have been established in Zanzibar Islands.

In 1995 Rev.Leonard left the church he used to pastor since 1984 and established a new Church which "The Evangelistic Assemblies of God Zanzibar (EAGZ)" and was started until this day he is pastoring that Church.

The EAGZ Church has succeeded by the grace of God to open other Churches.How ever more efforts is done as to equip these churches and also pray hard to find up some means we can do more in other places, if God may open doors.

The recent research have shows that Islam religion has 95.% followed by Hindus and others 2.05% ,Catholic and Anglican 1.% ,Lutheran 0.01%, Evangelicals 0.05% of all people.

Please when you visit the Islands of Zanzibar feel free to visit us too and as you are still afar we therefore requesting your fervent and effective prayers so that this work may go forward and so many Zanzibaris could find their chance to know and believe in Jesus Christ...Amen.

Matthew 20:19-20
"19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them ina the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (NIV)

Matthew 24:14
"14And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come" (NIV)

Roman 8:28
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.(NIV)"

Matthew 19:26
"Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."